Bird watching Zambia

Over 750 bird species have been recorded in a diversity of habitats in Zambia.

These habitats range from the principal vegetation of Miombo woodland, grassy dambos and other woodland type such as Mopane, dry forests or thickets to Riperian forests which occur along the water frontages, to Swamps and flood plains, then further north wet evergreen forests.

The diversity of the altitudes and terraine, give a wonderful range of different species.

The Zambian Barbet (Chaplin’s) is the only true endemic bird in Zambia, however on the near-endemic list is the Black-Cheeked Love-bird.  Other birds, like Pel’s fishing owl whilst seen elsewhere are more easlily seen in Zambia than anywhere else.  The Shoe-bill found in Bangweulu Swamps, is…..

Click the link for our  Tours for the  African Pitta, Pels Fishing Owl, Zambian Barbet, Black cheeked lovebird and top Ten of Western Zambia – including Angolan Lark, Grimwoods Longclaw, Bocage’s Weaver and Black-and-rufous Swallow

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One thought on “Bird watching Zambia”

  1. The excitement portrayed in Rory’s work is enough to make any laid back bird watcher want to become a real “birder”!

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