Kasanka National Park

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Millions of straw-coloured fruit bats flock to Kasanka National Park, at the beginning of the rains, where for over 6 weeks they gorge themselves on fruit delicacies. They take to the skies at sunset returning  at sunrise, this is a  truly amazing spectacle not to missed. The food chain continues, as large number of raptors then feast on the bats.

Kasanka has a birding list of 458, which includes specials such as:


Red and Blue (Anchieta’s) Sunbird                   African Finfoot                                African Pitta

Anchieta’s Barbet                                              Whyte’s Barbet                               Bohm’s Bee-eater

Bohm’s Flycatcher                                             Brown Headed Apalis                    Blue Mantled Flycatcher

Black Fronted Bushshrike                                  Bocage’s Akalat (Robin)               Crowned Eagle

Four Species of Flufftail                                     Green-headed Sunbird                 Grey-Olive Greenbul

Greater Swamp Warbler                                    Katanga Masked Weaver             Marsh Tchagra

Pel’s fishing owl                                                 Palm-Nut Vulture                          Purple Throated Cuckoo-Shrike

Racket-Tailed Roller                                          Ross’s Turaco,                             Red Throated & Green Twinspot

Souza’s Shrike                                                  SharpTailed Starling                     Square- Tailed Drongo

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to the elusive wild Sitatunga, Puku and Roan Antelope.




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